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6 Shoes That Can Go From Morning Commute to Power Meetings

To be a working woman in NYC the most important thing for your commute—besides having easy access to at least 3 coffee shops on your route—is the shoes you wear to get to your 9-5. It can be cumbersome to travel with your briefcase or purse in addition to an extra bag for a change of shoes, and why should you have to! Here is a list of amazing stylish shoes for your commute that will go from commute to power meeting in a New York Minute.

1. A shoe brand I love is Naturalizer shoes. The brand is all about empowerment and style—hello that’s every woman in NYC—and they do it so well.

A smart loafer is an ideal staple for any closet but I like to add a little flair to ever outfit and I recommend the Naturalizer Clea Loafer in Forest Green Snake Leather. Great for the commute and you’re sure to get as many compliments as I do. They even have muted staple colors--like black and brown, if you’re looking tone an outfit down. They even come in wide!

2. With over 2,800 positive reviews this next shoe is the luxury yacht of all loafers. Ever Lane is a brand that stands for comfort and with their Modern Loafers, they’ve achieved just that. I think a good shoe is worth the funds so at $168 you’re getting what you pay for on every level: it’s stylish enough to be a staple with almost every outfit, and with the right power suit—totally enchanting. I recommend sizing up half a size for optimal comfort!

3. Soak up the last couple weeks of open toe season with this gem. This one is more for women like me who love wearing heels, whose mothers prepped them for the hustle and bustle of NYC at age 7 by letting them walk around in heels when they—and we’ve never looked back.

I need a bit of a heel on all my shoes to make me go from 5’2 to 5’4—5’4 is when my confidence sky rockets from it’s normal 8 out of 10 to 11 out of 10. If this is you, these Cole Haan 1.5 inch wedge heel was made for me and you to strut into our meeting (10 minutes early and with our coffee in hand) to show them what we’re made of!

Added bonus: it’s on sale!

4. For a classic look that you can wear from the streets to the board room and back to dinner again I recommend the new Link Slingback Scandals by Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF). I’m a huge fan of DVF not only is the woman a great designed but a humanitarian and feminist as well. These sling-backs are only 2 inches and made from soft suede with padded foot beds. You can strut down the street in style and comfort—who said woman cant have it all?

5. With Fall around the corner I’d say now is the best time to start prepping for comfy sweaters and boot season. Walk In these wont just make you feel good but look good too. When I stepped into the office with these I got so many compliments and stepping into the office in these will not only get you compliments but your feet will thank you!

6. This one is for all the ladies that love a designer tag but still want comfort. Michael Michael Kors is preordering the Bromley Leather Boots for a steal at the low price of $159. Get the perfect pair of black knee highs for the office. I’ve owned a pair of the boots from the 2013 collection and I still wear and love them to this day. These boots are perfectly priced for how stylish they are and how timeless they will be.

Comment below which one is your favorite!

I'm digging the Crocodile with the flashy buckle!

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